Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A bunch of small stuff that I've wanted to touch on, but didn't have the time until I was stuck at O'Hare for 8+ hours on Friday (into Saturday).

I was in Chicagoland for business last week and here are my thoughts about the area.

The City - Didn't get to spend much time checking it out, but liked what I saw.

Wrigley Field - Wrigley had a familiar feeling to me coming from Boston, and 7th row tickets for $45 less than 24 hours before a game is a foreign, but awesome concept to me. I'm not even going to go off on how I was the only person in my section, a field box mind you, until 15 minutes before the first pitch. That shit just isn't right.

The Suburbs - flat, industrialized, boring. Where the hell are the trees?

The Radio - Are you fucking serious? Last time I checked the calendar it isn't 1982 anymore. The scary new MTV isn't going to make you obsolete if you don't have a gimmick. I swear that every DJ I heard had some sort of wacky angle, not necessarily the "shock jock" angle, but just being generally annoying. Shit, it's so bad that the stations even have billboards with pictures of the DJs on the highways. I'm 99% sure that radio stations up here decided not to waste their advertising dollars on pictures of their on-air talent since the internet became prevalent in the late 90s. And if I want ruin the fantasy of the lady DJ with the sultry voice turning out to be a 300 lb. gorilla, then I'll do it on my own time, I know the risks.

The Drivers - sorry, but you can't drive. I was blowing by people on I-294 by going 65, I kept looking at my speedometer because I assumed I was going 85. I know Boston drivers got ranked 3rd worst in the country this year behind Miami and NYC, but that was for cool categories, like speed and aggression. I'm actually going to jump to the conclusion that your passive-aggressive driving is directly related to your awful radio.

Quit being pussies and get a portable music player

Did you notice that I didn't say "get an iPod" for that caption. Quit being sheep and get something other than an iPod, there are a ton of other awesome products out there that work just as well if not better. I reached my boiling point about the iPod when one of my friends saw my music player and said, "Why don't you have an iPod? You always have to be different don't you?" What the fuck is wrong with being different? Didn't Apple's advertising slogan used to be "Think Different"? I guess that shit went away when the iPod took 70% market share of the portible music player market.

The Heroes season finale was like my trip to Las Vegas, somewhat underwhelming.

I felt that it was a letdown after all the hype all season. As my roommate so eloquently put it, it lacked a "Holy Shit!" moment, such as the "Holy Shit!" moment at the end of The Departed (which that fucker ruined for me because he told me that there was a "Holy Shit!" moment at the end of the movie, which if you haven't seen, I have now ruined for you.) I got the same feeling from Las Vegas. Don't get me wrong, I had a great time, but nothing happened that blew my mind, and I was in town the weekend of the De La Hoya/Mayweather Jr. fight. A visit to The Gun Store helped to reinforce the theory idea that playing first-person shooter games actually promotes your marksmanship. I played Quake and Goldeneye like everyone else and I was surprisingly accurate for never firing a real gun before. Bottom line: if you are going to Las Vegas to gamble and have been to a casino before, then Las Vegas is nothing special. It's the same stuff, just spread out in the desert.

Holy Shit!

I love music and planned to make this another music blog, but since I'm not that good of a writer and cannot easily convey my thoughts the way that I want to (like an indie music snob), I decided not to limit my mediocre abilities to that of the music world (even I think that is a terrible intro to start yammering about music).

Amy Winehouse - Her album is good, but she's already overexposed. I was thinking of putting up a picture of her with some cheesey caption like, "I may need to go to rehab for my Winehouse addiction", but that is so below me, and I'm only addicted to the Muppet Babies.

And I'm also addicted to boobies!

Arcade Fire - there seems to be only two camps on the topic of this band: they're the greatest band ever, or meh. Personally, I think they are excellent musicians and I enjoy their music very much, despite some members allegedly being basketball thieves [the blog was deleted so I edited the link to point to gvb's story on it], so I just lied about there being only two camps. I saw them a couple weeks ago and the show was quite excellent despite being held in the super shitty Orpheum Theatre. And I know bands usually have some sort of style to differentiate themselves aesthetically, but did Arcade Fire run out of ideas, or are they just big fans of The Sound of Music? I swear that they sometimes dress like older members of the von Trapp family singers.

The hills are alive with the sound of Arcade Fire

CSS - Saw them Saturday and all I will say is that the show was bananas. This show combined with my airport fun on Friday already has me in the hole this week, so I'm done for now.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, You have an interesting life! Chicago, New York etc.. That's cool man. I couldn't agree more about your iPod scene with your friend. Hilarious! "What's wrong with you? Don't you have an iPod like everyone else? " ha ! Keep-it coming !