Monday, June 25, 2007

Two quick things

I love cover bands.

Let me be more specific, I love good cover bands.

I don't know many people that will admit to that, especially if they are into the indie music scene, but I obviously don't care. I usually have a blast when a good cover band is playing.

I have three requirements that designate a good cover band: musical ability, song catalog, and song selection. I considered adding "low creepyness factor" to the list, but the other three can totally absolve a band of skeezy 50 year old dudes trying to pick up 20 year old girls if they wail and make me shake my ass for a couple hours.

All three requirements are extremely important, but out of the three I believe song selection is most clutch. And to be a little more clear, I'm not specifically talking about a set list. I don't think a cover band should work exclusively off a set list, they need to be able to read the crowd and play to it. Which leads me in to a most important topic.

Cover bands need to know the proper time to play Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'," as it can make or break their set. After years of research (seeing a bunch of cover bands at bars and clubs over the years) I believe there are two acceptable points for it to be played: near the beginning of the set to get a bored crowd fired up, or as I prefer, as the band is wrapping up their final set for the evening. No matter the size of the venue, every crowd goes batshit crazy when they hear the immediately recognizable intro.

Why do guys have to wait three days to call a girl when they get a number?

I forget the specifics, and because this is a rant I don't feel like looking them up, but why is this a rule? Does it seem like we're super desperate if we call the next day and just regular desperate the day after? I don't know if this is a guy rule or a girl rule but it has become antiquated in the current "always plugged in/mobile everything/IM/Blackberry" era. I think one day is acceptable as a sign of respect and reflection for both parties.

So from the two blogged about topics, you can probably surmise that I had a bang-up Saturday night. And yes, I'm going to call her tonight.

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