Monday, July 30, 2007

Dog reviews Wolf

Today I'm going to switch it up a little. As I've stated before, I'm quite into music (who the hell isn't?), and I wanted this to be a music blog. The problem with that is that there are already a thousand better music blogs, so I decided not to put all my eggs into that basket. Starting today, I will do an occasional music review, but it won't be standard fare, so don't expect them that often. For my first music review post I have a guest music reviewer. I would link to my guest's blog, but I'm very sure that they don't have one. It will all make sense as you read the back story.

Friday night I was driving home and pulled up next to a police car at a stop light. As always when I'm driving, I had my portable music player cranking out the tunes in a random fashion. At that time Patrick Wolf's "The Magic Position" happened to be rocking out of my speakers (and I don't know if rocking would be the correct way to describe Patrick Wolf, but I digress). This police car was a K9 unit with the dog was riding in the back. I don't think the dog liked the sounds emanating from my windows because it started barking viciously at my car. I know that it didn't smell weed or anything because I've already covered that, albeit in a poor way.

So by removing drugs from the equation I came to the obvious conclusion that police dogs don't like Patrick Wolf. I know he's not everyone's cup of tea, and now I can confidently add police dogs to that list.

"A picture says a thousand words"
...and I couldn't come up with a thousand words, so you get this

Artist: Patrick Wolf
Song: The Magic Position
Album: The Magic Position
Released: February 26, 2007
Verdict: 0 Snausages out of 5

Special thanks to my guest reviewer, the police dog in the K9 police car next to me. If I were the reviewer I would have given the album 3½ Snausages because I dig most of it, but it just wasn't my time to shine today, and I don't rate things on the Snausage scale of excellence.

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c j. said...

perhaps every little thing he does is not magic any more.