Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Oriole Park at Camden Yards

Along with seemingly half of Boston, I visited Baltimore with a bunch of friends this past weekend. The main attraction was seeing our beloved Red Sox take on the hometown Orioles at beautiful Oriole Park at Camden Yards. I actually felt bad for the 67 or so Orioles fans that were at those games because it was like Fenway Jr. all weekend. As I'm writing this, I don't really feel that bad because those 67 fans must have been feeling pretty good that their team snatched 2 of the 3 games after two blown saves by our newest addition Eric "Game Over" Gagne. As many older Sox fans tend to do, and for the comedic purposes of this post, I will immediately judge Eric Gagne after this past weekend's performance.

Eric Gagne is my third least favorite export from Canada after their geese and the Barenaked Ladies.

As I've already made quite clear in this post, there were Sox fans everywhere we went in the city, and boy did Baltimore submit to it. Stores in the crappy little tourist malls were prominently displaying Sox merch in their storefronts trying to appeal to the wave of tourist dollar that was infiltrating the city. That's the kind of move that only pussy third-rate cities do. I would expect that shit from the hometown of "The Drew Carey Show", not "The Wire". Just kidding Cleveland, you guys are alright. I just can't think of any shows that were/are based in Tampa Bay.

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Anonymous said...

Bite me, Boston. Baltimore has much to offer and the locals are politer and kinder, even to you Beaners,the rudest of the rude, than many others.

Elaine Evans