Thursday, August 9, 2007

Princess Diana just won't die

I was flipping though the HD channels on my TV last night and came across a rebroadcast of the Concert for Diana on MHD. While I was in the supermarket the day before I saw some thick, shiny tribute magazine about her. I just don't get the whole celebrating the life of Princess Diana thing that just won't die (not a pun, and not meant to be in bad taste). It has been ten years since she passed, when is the world finally going to let go? Not to sound like a complete asshole, but why does anyone care anymore, especially Americans? Last time I checked we haven't had a monarchy controlling us for some 230 years.

I know she was a great humanitarian and deserves all the respect and admiration in the world, but she wasn't our princess. Mother Teresa was also a great humanitarian, and you don't hear shit about her anymore. There aren't any concerts or magazine dedicated to her. I think The only reason that Princess Diana still gets media coverage is because she was perceived as an attractive woman. She was alright, but not exactly my cup of tea, maybe a 7. And to further cover my ass, Mother Teresa was also not my cup of tea (damn it's hard to stay objective).

The only reason I remember where I was when I heard Princess Diana died was because I just came home after breaking my nose and being temporarily blinded in one eye from playing basketball. I still have a bump in the bridge of my nose due to a jump shot (line drive) coming up just short and thus glancing off the bottom of the rim and blasting me in the face. When I see that bump in the mirror, I don't think of celebrating Princess Diana's life, I think that I wish I had a vision problem as a child and invested in some Horace Grant sport goggles.

I'm pretty sure those could deflect a bullet

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