Friday, August 17, 2007

List-a-majig: Gospel Fan?

While waiting to be seated for breakfast on Sunday a large black woman approached me and asked me if I listen to gospel music. I quickly learned that she was trying to sell me a CD of her singing gospel music. I applaud the entrepreneurial spirit and I can't blame her for asking me, as she also asked anyone that was waiting outside, but I don't look like the typical gospel fan. Granted I was waiting alone outside an IHOP in a primarily black part of Baltimore, but a couple things should have told her I wouldn't bite:

1. Hair: Depending on who you are, my hairstyle could be perceived as gay (those dudes clean up nice, why wouldn't I want that?), which could allude to me being gay, which is considered immoral by most churches, which she was selling a gospel album, which usually is singing about God...

I could go on all day.

2. Clothing: Most of the black patrons were dressed in their Sunday best after obviously attending Sunday services. I was dressed in a graphic tee, cargo shorts, and flip flops. The staple of the nondescript Caucasian in the summer (you can substitute a polo for the graphic tee, if you shop at the mall). I obviously didn't just come from church.

You motherfuckers need to find Jesus

3. Backpacks: The only reason we went to IHOP was it was near our hotel, we were hungry, we didn't have a rental car, and we had checked out of our hotel. By checking out of the hotel we had to bring our luggage, which for me was a backpack. I personally don't know many white people who rock a backpack every day. There are college students, couriers, and skateboarders to name a few, but I don't run with those circles, and she probably couldn't tell because we all look the same.

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