Friday, August 31, 2007

Drug free, so put the crack up

Donnie D wasn't the backup this evening, I can assure you that. Actually, I can't because I missed the birthday bash because I was too busy ripping a closet out of my apartment (damn you priorities). I also didn't attend because it's not 1989 and I'm not an impressionable youth anymore. And yes, I was into the New Kids in 3rd grade, because the girl I liked was into them, so fuck off. I am a little interested in the friends and family line. The obvious question that springs to mind is if any/all the other New Kids showed up? Jordan, Joey, Jonathan, and ummmm... the other guy. Probably not, just wishful thinking. I'm sure the other guys had more important things to do.

Don't act like you didn't rock one of these back in the day.

Oh yeah, and with today being the 10th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana, I figured I'd link to the post where I covered that topic a couple weeks back: Princess Diana just won't die

It's not as awful as it sounds.

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